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Its our 53rd Autostraddle Anonymous Dildo Review! Over the past four years, sextoy organizations and stores have actually asked all of us to examine their own toys in exchange for, you realize, their toys.

This week, our unknown writers tried out the

Secret Wand Rechargeable

, delivered by to all of us by

Great Oscillations


  • Information:

    silicon mind, abdominal muscles plastic human anatomy, silicon control pad

  • Color:

    white, with blue accents

  • Size:

    13″ long

  • Price:


no cable no wire no cooorrrddddd

The secret Wand Rechargeable is actually a reboot associated with the original (formerly Hitachi) secret Wand which will take “the Cadillac of vibrators” and causes it to be into something which pings as an actual


instead a clunky back massager widely made use of as a sex model. The most significant and the majority of significant modification is the fact that the Magic Wand has stopped being tethered to a retailer — it has got a battery life of a stated three many hours therefore runs if it is attached to the wall surface, as well.

In terms of the massager to masturbator shift, the fresh new design features four intensities rather than two — about 2,700, 3,800, 5,400 and 6,300 vibrations for each minute, compared to 5,000 and 6,000 regarding older toy — and four vibration patterns in case you are into that. (Is any individual nowadays into that? Can we turn the responses into a vibrator-settings-feelings available thread?) The control pad features lighting to point exactly what placing you are on as soon as battery pack is just about to die. The buttons are simply just textured adequate that you can play with all of them without appearing, in case you have got tiny fingers this might be both an awkward or a two-handed endeavour. The doll is still pretty loud, but it’s less noisy – great Vibes gives it a 3 on a scale that comes up to 5 (the first was a 4). Your head is gentler, and is silicone as opposed to plastic. It is still not splashproof or water-resistant, but a girl can dream.

It does not need to be connected.

It doesn’t have to be connected

. Once battery pack dies, you’ll connect it in and carry on, although it wont charge in case you are using it.

The look is a tiny bit various, too. Whenever two Autostraddle reviewers
attempted it out
in 2013, one mentioned, “This upright appears like a prop from a 90s room motion picture that required a giant white frozen dessert cone that plugs into the wall structure.” The secret Wand Rechargeable is actually half an inch longer, is actually a brighter white, and has even more modern-looking controls and easier contours. It’s simply slightly prettier, but any time-travelling ’80s energy feminists that might be around certainly will know what it is.

It should be time for a confession: I never ever used an authentic secret Wand.

With unusual exemption (what’s going on, wearing Vixskin in
ideal funnel
), I primarily enjoy thuddy vibrators which can identify some locations just around my personal clit. I additionally like my vibrators mobile, rechargeable and waterproof. I prefer other toys, since it is always enjoyable to-do different things also because I do not want to get too always something, however when I’m completed with all the rest of it and I continue to haven’t come, those sorts of toys are the thing that I grab.

The wand has a reputation to be miracle at creating men and women can be bought in about half a minute though, and so I was actually obviously game.

The first few occasions I tried it were a lot more for the interest of systematic inquiry than because I became experiencing specifically thinking about masturbating at this specific moment. Often I like using toys simply for the hell from it because climax is not the goal of intercourse or intercourse, so I ended up being hardly attempting to come whenever Magic Wand only type of pulled numerous sexual climaxes of me personally. (In addition do not will often have multiple orgasms.)

Then it achieved it again.

My personal masturbation could be pretty involved (several toy, hands, lubricant, different roles, various artistic components, etc.) but i possibly could understand Magic Wand turning me in to the laziest masturbator previously. All I have to do in order to arrive is put back and loose time waiting for a climax to occur in my opinion? I can not think about hoping this all the full time and i am going to complete this section when my legs are working once more.

Other days, I found the wand managed to get very easy to obtain too over-stimulated ahead – on just about the best environment I’d to quit several times and go take action else before finding its way back to it. (It was better once I tried it through underwear or pants, then again I got to masturbate in lingerie and shorts.)

Deploying it with somebody ended up being harder. Up to now, a good many means i have utilized the wand with someone involve enjoying somebody or someone viewing me personally while certainly you utilizes the rod basically by yourself. The head is actually large enough that when its near someone’s clitoris there is not some room for other things. It had been fun to touch the top towards the basics of varied toys during entrance, and having someone truth be told there to keep the wand gave me a bit more access with my fingers, however it nevertheless usually decided it absolutely was in how.

What’s more, it immediately shuts by itself off after about 20 minutes keeping from overheating. Possible switch it straight back on immediately, nevertheless seems like merely a matter of time before this occurs at a significant moment and the rod unintentionally places on the ground throughout the room. (I used it a few times, as well as after operating it for an hour directly it never appeared to increase than body-heat warm.)

I am not like in love making use of secret Wand Rechargeable as I believed I’d end up being, but it’s definitely going to live in my personal nightstand and not into the dresser. If you’ve never ever used a Magic Wand, this can be a powerful way to go if you prefer all-over vibrations that are fairly buzzy and crazy effective. Whenever you’ll want to replace an original Magic Wand or are interested in learning attempting one, it’s your model.

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